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The Bug Guys Pest Control have different Insect Pest Management service programs to meet the need of any insect problem that occurs.  All programs are guaranteed, and our goal is 100% customer satisfaction.  We only use EPA and State approved and regulated products to assure customer safety.  We continue to stay abreast of current developments in our industry.  So, whether it be ants, roaches, crickets, spiders, silverfish, beetles, moths, fleas, flies, ticks, wasps, mosquitoes, or whatever is bugging you, give The Bug Guys a call.


Call the Bug Guys Pest Contol and let us take the bite out of bedbugs.  We have the upmost advanced training and are ready to take on any infestation, whether it's light or heavy.  We'll knock them out without a doubt!


Subterranean termites are the most common termite in the state of Kansas.  They cause over 5 billion dollars of structural damage to homes all across the USA.  The Bug Guys have partnered up with the #1 termiticide company throughout the USA and other countries.  Termidor is a nonrepellent, termiticide that actually kills the termites and doesn't just repel them.  It has been known in some parts of the country to have a residual of up to 15 years +. 


Another method of treatment the Bug Guys Pest Control uses is the Trenola Baiting System.  Stations are installed and checked once per year.  This system is not recommended if termite activity is already in place or has been active in the past. 

(It is definitely not recommended for real estate sales.)


Other wood destroying insects include, but are not limited to the following:


Carpenter Ants - They can do are much damage as termites in a structure, however, ther difference is the carpenter ants bore into the wood, such as studs behind the sheetrock, and make galleries  in the wood.  Most generally there will be a moisture problem present if they are found in the home.


Carpenter Bees - They drill a perfectly round hole and are normally found under decks, in rafters of barns, or any soft wood the can burrow into.  Male carpenter bees burrow out the holes, and then females will lay eggs in the hole and protect it until the eggs hatch.


There are several different wood destroying insects that can and will do damage to a home or barn.  Call the Bug Guys Pest Control today for a free inspection of your property.  (Does not include real estate inspections.)


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